(1) According to §§ 52, 53, 54 AO (Abgabenordnung/General Fiscal Law), the purpose of the Foundation is the promotion of religion, the promotion of art and culture, the promotion of education and national education, the promotion of international understanding, and the support of persons in need. In addition, the foundation pursues church purposes.

(2) The Foundation wants to promote spiritual and cultural life, especially in Germany and Europe, and to convey ethical Christian values.

The charitable purposes of the Foundation are implemented in particular through the spread of biblical-Christian, social, and cultural content, primarily through electronic and print media. This includes the production and broadcasting of programs with Christian and social content, also for the purpose of education, art and culture, and international understanding. The implementation of the Foundation’s purposes also includes the procurement of broadcasting time on television and the Internet. The realization of these purposes can be achieved by participation in third-party productions and cooperation with other non-profit organizations.

The implementation of religious purposes also includes:

– Events with Christian content such as conferences and evangelistic campaigns,

– Promotion of internal and external mission measures.

– Pastoral accompaniment

Lectures and seminars with instructive content can be held for all the above-mentioned purposes.

The purposes of the Foundation can be implemented at home and abroad. (3) The purpose of the Foundation is also implemented in particular by the procurement of funds in accordance with § 58 No. 1 AO for the promotion of the purposes mentioned in § 2 Paragraph 1 by another tax-privileged corporation or a corporation under public law and abroad for proven tax-privileged purposes.