“Evangelisation Weltweit” (Evangelism Worldwide)

“Evangelisation Weltweit” (Evangelism Worldwide)

The vision

Saving the lost – at any cost!

Saving the lost – at any cost, this is the vision of “Evangelisation Weltweit” (Evangelism Worldwide)!

About its background:

“The world population is over 7 billion people. Of these, almost 3 billion people have never heard the name Jesus. Even if they wanted to, they couldn’t, because nobody can go, or nobody wants to go.

Can you imagine this great crowd of people who will one day face their Creator, even though they never had the chance to get to know Him?

That is why we want to save the lost together with you.” (Waldemar Berscheminski)

“Evangelisation Weltweit” (Evangelism Worldwide) has the goal of reaching people with the Gospel.

The focus is mainly on unreached people groups and areas where the Gospel has not yet penetrated since the resurrection of Jesus. Waldemar Berscheminski wants to go where no one wants to go.

“Paul describes it like this: “It was my great concern to preach only in places where no one had yet heard of Jesus Christ, lest I build on another foundation” (Rom. 15:20).”

This is achieved by three main things:

– Gospel Crusades

– Church planting

– Trainings

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